Open for the Spring

Spring has sprung.  The apple buds are starting to push through.  Pretty soon peach trees will have some color and start to pop.  It's going to be a beautiful scene in the orchards in a couple of weeks.  If the weather cooperates, we should be planting our young trees.  That's always a fun job.  We hook a tree planter on the back of a tractor, load the tree planter with trees, someone sits on the tree planter (that's usually me) and as the tractor drives by the tree planter gets drug through the ground and opens a gap for us to stick a tree in the ground.  Once the tree is in the ground the tree planter will fill in the opening gap.  Very simple process.  Check out our Facebook feed to see when planting day comes.  Hopefully we will have a video.  The fun part comes when the tree planter comes upon a rock/bolder.  The tree planter can't clear the bolder and it will just ride up over top of the bolder.  One time there was a huge bolder and I was on the tree planter.  The tree planter rode up over a bolder and like I said, this bolder was huge.  I was 20 feet in the air by the time we cleared the bolder.  You see the thing is, the reason I was 20 feet in the air, the tree planter drug the bolder and rolled the bolder onto the surface.  I will always remember that day.  It was kind of like riding a bull.  I guess, I never rode a bull before.  I felt like a real farmer that day.  Yeeeehaaaa!!

On another note.  Winter hours are over for the Masonic Village Farm Market.  We are open Mondays through Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Plenty of apples left.  Local products are coming in a little at a time.  Chemical Free and Locally Grown Microgreens are in and next week we should have some Locally Grown Mushrooms.

 The Orchard View Cafe will be opened (just for Fridays and Saturdays) starting Easter Weekend.  You can enjoy ice cream, cheeseburgers made with Masonic Village beef, all-beef hot dogs, our special recipe sausage, delicious BBQ pork, special sandwiches (weekly specials) and so much more.  If you are crazy like me and want ice cream year 'round then try the Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowl.  My absolute favorite.  It's a chocolate chip cookie in the shape of a bowl filled with your choice of ice cream.  Try chocolate chip cookie dough or chocolate.  If you can't tell I love chocolate.  

Thank you for a wonderful winter season.  Make this spring season even better.  I hope to see you all with chocolate chip cookie bowls in your hands.  Eat well America!

Your friendly neighborhood farm girl,




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