Pick-Your-Own (PYO) apples and peaches is open Thursday through Saturday, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., and Sunday, Noon - 3 p.m., during the dates listed. Pumpkins are only available on specified weekends (follow us on social media for updates). Due to health regulations, pets are not allowed in the orchard or the Farm Market.

  • Weekdays: Please stop in the Farm Market to receive instructions on picking locations and to get your picking supplies.
  • Weekends: You may go directly to the orchard for picking supplies and checkout. Please return wagon for the next guest.


  • PYO Apple Price: $25 1/2 bushel box (Approx. $.99 per pound), $15 Peck size box (Approx. $1.15 per pound)
  • PYO Pumpkin Price: $.70 per pound
  • PYO Peach Price: $25 1/2 bushel box (Approx. $1.15 per pound), $15 Peck size box  (Approx. $1.30 per pound)
  • Cut-Your-Own Sunflowers: $1 per stem

Variety and quantity availability is on a first come basis. Mother Nature decides the volume on the trees, what date the fruit ripens and when it falls off the trees. We’re just along for the ride. Peach harvest dates are very difficult to predict due to temperature fluctuations. Please call the Farm Market for exact varieties available.

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