The Masonic Village Farm Market and bakery is open all year. In our our 80-acre orchard, we grow sweet cherries, tart cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums, pears and over 60 varieties of apples. Pick-Your-Own apples and pumpkins are available each fall, and Pick-Your-Own peaches are available in the summer. Pies, apple dumplings and cookies are baked fresh daily. Hand-dipped ice cream and snack items are available at our Orchard View Café from Memorial Day through October. 

Our award-winning apple cider is available year round. Made from Farmer Tad's secret blend of sweet, ripe apples, this unfiltered juice will make you want to come back for more. Great served hot or cold, or better yet, try it as a cold cider slushy when you visit the Farm Market.

During the peak of each harvest season, a local Pennsylvania Dutch family uses century-old recipes to turn our fruit into the finest fruit butters. Butters are made by slowly cooking fruit until a smooth, thick "butter-like" consistency is achieved. They are made with puréed fruit and contain 40% more fruit than jams or jellies.

We also sell many other fruits and vegetables grown by local farms including strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, sweet corn, pumpkins and much more.

Many of our products can be purchased right here on our website. Delivery is available via FedEx to anywhere in the USA.

Orchard View Café

The Orchard View Café is the latest addition to the Masonic Village Farm Market. It features hand-dipped, premium ice cream from Windy Knoll Creamery, as well as light café fare.

Windy Knoll Creamery uses super-premium, wholesome milk from grass-fed cows without the use of synthetic hormones. It makes its ice cream in micro-batches. The café scoops a variety of flavors, such as lemon chiffon, peaches and cream, cookie dough, salted caramel and red raspberry, as well as vanilla and chocolate.

Farming Methods

The Masonic Village orchard has been a proud steward of the land for more than 100 years. We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) on our farm in order to preserve sustainable agriculture for generations to come.

Reduced pesticide usage slows insect resistance, does not disturb ecological harmony and tends to maintain the effectiveness of those pesticides that are used for a longer time.

In our situation, IPM has fostered a return to a more natural balance. Improved long-term control of pests has resulted, and greater yields have been achieved.

We believe you as a consumer have the right to healthful, abundant food that is produced and handled safely.  We also believe food should be produced with a deep respect for the environment to ensure our future as well as our children’s future.  In 2016 we were awarded the National Environmental Stewardship Award for our environmental efforts.